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Snack / Bar

A friendly place to meet up to come to eat and have a drink



In low season (from june 13): weekend evenings and bridge days only

In high season: midday and evening



In low season (from june 13): Friday and Saturday evening

In high season: every evening

Order bread and pastries

A desire for pastries for lunch or need for bread for lunch?

An order form is available at the restaurant to order your bread and pastries.


Attention order to do the day before for the next day



Our campsite has laundries with:

Washing machine (x2)
Tumble dryer (x1)


Washing machine € 5 (coins of € 0.5, € 1 and € 2 accepted)

Tumble dryer 4.5 € (0.5 €, 1 € and 2 € coins accepted)


The laundromats are located in the sanitary at the center of the campsite (washing machine + dryer) and in the sanitary at the entrance of the campsite (washing machine)